Monday, November 2

Puppy Update and a Treasury!

First, a quick update on Yoda. (That's her with her new squeaky weenier dog toy, it's a mummy).

She is home and doing well. We picked her up Saturday morning. She's slowly becoming more active and getting back her sassy little attitude. Her internal bleeding stopped itself and her abdominal swelling has gone done drastically. She now has to have four different medicines (plus her prescription food) for a while now. We had to make a little spread sheet just to make sure she gets all of them when she is supposed to. She really dislikes a couple of them, but she's a good girl and will take them with little protest. We got her an e-color incase she starts licking her stitches, but she doesn't seem to need it. Which is very good. We'll continue to monitor her progress for the next month and then she should be able to be weened off of all her meds and prescription diet. And in two weeks she'll have her stitches removed (they run all the way up her tummy right now).

I just want to thank everyone who has sent us well wishes, kind thoughts, and donations over this tough time. It has meant so much to me to see that some many people have kind hearts and care. Thank you again.


And I also have a treasury to share with everyone. I found my Labyrinth Cuff in this fantastic treasury entitled Pan's Labyrinth. Thank you Endless Story for including my cuff in this treasury. Please stop by and check out all the beautiful items.


Don't forget about the free shipping in my etsy store. All sales will help pay for Yoda's surgery and vet bills. Please stop by today and start Christmas shopping early.


BeadedTail said...

Glad to hear that Yoda is home and doing well. Poor little thing having to take all that icky medicine and having so many things happen but hopefully she'll continue to get better quickly!

Congrats on the treasury!

Three Fates said...

Thank you. She's doing really good right now. Except for her huge incision mark on her stomach, you'd never know she had surgery. If all goes to plan, she'll be off of most of her meds by Thanksgiving. WooHoo.

Lynne said...

She is so cute and I'm so glad the surgery went well. Hopefully this will end her health problems and she can move on to be a happy, healthy puppy!

Split Rock Ranch said...

So glad to hear that little Yoda is doing well. We had a cocker years ago that had to wear "the lampshade" and he ran through the dining room and the collar caught on the electrical outlet plate and he ripped the entire thing completely out of the wall!! Glad Yoda doesn't have to wear one.

jude8753 said...

I just read your post about Yoda and I'm so glad she is doing well. I know exactly how you feel about her being your baby. I hope Yoda is much better now.

Kristy said...

Yoda is so cute! Check out my pet blog, My Pet Savings, . Hopefully it will help you save money on your pet supplies for him. :)

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