Tuesday, December 15

Playing Catch Up!

Wow, you can definitely tell it's almost Christmas around my house. This is the time of year where everything is crazy. So my blog always seems to be what suffers.

J got back from China on Saturday. He had a good time, but is happy to be home. He brought me back some really nice silk slippers and a fun fat panda stuffed animal. He also brought home a fantastic chest cold (no it's not H1N1, he was vaccinated). But luckily he is off of work for the rest of the year, so he has plenty of time to rest up and get well.

Yoda's doing good. She's learned how to jump up on the couch, so now no place is safe in the house from her. Crazy puppy!


I'm in a couple of treasuries, yay!!!

This first one is really pretty, all different shades of blue. My blue beaded hoop earrings are featured in A Shade of Blue created by Momgen's Corner.

Then my cosmic storm necklace was featured in Cosmic Man created by Christine's Beadwork.

Thank you both for featuring my work. Please stop by these fantastic treasuries and click on all the wonderful items.

I also was interviewed over at K. Nice Artworks Blog. It was a fun interview, thank you for featuring me. And don't forget to stop by her etsy store, K. Nice Artworks, for some really great jewelry.

And last but not least I want to thank everyone who has hearted my store. I have finally reached 600 hearts. It really does make me smile. Thank you everyone that has stopped by and liked my stuffs enough to heart me store.


Don't forget that there is still free shipping on everything in my etsy store to anywhere until further notice. We're still working on Yoda's vet bills from her surgery. So stop by and get some really unique items and save a little dough.

Ok, I think I'm pretty much caught up on everything. Stop back soon because I have a couple of exciting things planned.

Thank you all!!!


Anonymous said...

Yay on the treasuries and the hearts! It's good to hear we're not the only house that looks like a Christmas elf moved in.

Petro said...

Hi just dropping in your EC dropbox did not load. Nice site, cute puppy and other pets

K. Nice said...

You are a cool lady :) happy new year!

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