Thursday, December 24

Christmas Gifts!

I just finished up a couple of necklaces I made for my mom and my MIL.

I really love these beaded rings. I was practicing my beading around objects, and I completely misjudged the size of the steel washer I was beading around, so I just finished them off as rings. I've always loved seeing beaded rings and other shapes, so I'm glad I've (accidentally) learned how.

I received these great bead mixes the other day and couldn't wait to get something made with them. I really think my mom and MIL will like these. They are simple yet really pretty.

I made myself one that was using a green and gold seed bead mix, I love it. (J says it looks like a wreath).
I also got new backgrounds for my pictures (new scrapbook paper). Ok, so maybe it was a gift to myself while I was out Christmas shopping. I was super excited to use it on some new pictures. I love the way the first picture looks.

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