Monday, February 1

It's February Already!?!

Wow, the end of January has just been crazy for me. I've been scrambling to finish up my challenge piece for the EBW challenge. I've changed my mind a million times on how I want it to look. But hopefully I'll get that finished up tonight and I'll have some pictures later in the week with what I came up with.

Work has also been crazy. I'm on my own for a couple of weeks, and boy has it been crazy. But that's how it works, if you're short staffed, then all hell is gonna break loose. But I think I'm handling it just fine.


I have some new pieces that I want to share with the world, but I've been putting off taking pictures of them. So I offer you a cuff I just re-listed. This is one of my favorite cuffs; my 80's-tastic cuff.

The colors are just fantastic in it. They are so bright and wonderful. I really wanted to keep this one for myself, but J reminded me that I can always make myself another one. So off it went to my Etsy store.

Then the last little plug for today. If you live in South Central WI and don't have anything to do Tuesday, February 2, 2010, you should stop by the 1850's Inn in Juneau WI to watch 4 Aspirin Morning (J's band) and The Cloth Sea. No cover charge!!!! Come see some great ska music! TUESDAY FEBRUARY 2, 2010!!!!

The sound quality is crap in this video (it was taken with a camera), but you get the idea.

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