Friday, February 5

Non-Bead Related, Boy Related.

So Tuesday was J's band, 4 Aspirin Morning, first ever live performance. Well that's not fully true. They've played at a Trek store for about 10 people and they played a birthday party for the same people. This was there first ever live show not just for friends and family. Their first "paid" show, even if they were paid with pizza and beer.

I have to say it went really well. They played two sets, and J was amazing as usual (I might be a little bias). In all honestly all of the guys were amazing. They really did sound great.

It was pretty loud because the bar was so damn small, but oh well. And a lot of people showed up, which made it even better. It was fantastic to see people really enjoy their music and get up and dance like crazies. Hell, even the locals were getting down.

The night started at about 8:00.

The second band to play was The Cloth Sea. They were a lot more mellow and a nice contrast to the craziness of 4AM. I really liked their sound.

The best part is the bar owner liked them so much that both bands will be playing in a new bar in Beaver Dam this Saturday. It's not really the big time yet. But it's still pretty exciting.

Hopefully this will lead to more exposure and more gigs (maybe in Madison).

I say Madison because I'm not use to the small town bars where they still allow smoking (for now). I ended up with quite the sinus infection, but it was worth it.

I was also put in charge of photographing this shindig. Which was something new for me. I'm use to still life on a macro scale. I told them they had to stand really still and I was only going to take close up shots. But I don't think I did too bad. I've also been enjoying playing around with the pictures in PhotoShop. Hopefully by this Saturday I'll get a little bit better shots.

If you're in WI this Saturday and are looking for something to do, stop by Liquid Therapy and Grill and watch three amazing bands, no cover. The festivities start at 8:00.


Now I need to get back to the import things, like beading and making patterns. I've fallen behind on that stuff due to this nasty sinus infection. But I promise to have some more beady goodness soon. Take care and enjoy the weekend.

Pictures (top to bottom): J playing guitar, 4Am, The Cloth Sea.

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BeadedTail said...

Congratulations to J and his band on their first paid show! Hope it leads to bigger and better venues in the near future!

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