Thursday, May 27

Beauty of the Sea

I just finished one of my favorite bracelets to date.  I started this one probably about a year ago and ran out of the silver pearls when I was almost finished.  I only needed about three to five pearls to finish :-(  And so I put it aside and forgot about it.  But I finally got around to ordering new pearls and finishing it up.  And boy am I happy I did.

I'm in love with this bracelet.  It has a base of silver lined red seed beads and then is just covered with silver and white freshwater pearls.  And it's finished with a fun little button clasp.  It's fantastic.  So decedent and regal.  I love it, have I said that before, oh well.

The pearls give it a wonderful weight, but it's not too heavy to cause problems when wearing it. It's perfect, but I may be a little bias. 
I really should make some more of these since a year ago I went on a pearl kick and bought hundreds of pearls.  I'm serious, I bought hundreds of them in every color you could imagine.  I like pearls, I just don't normally use them in my work.  Now I have no excuses to not use them. 

So be on the lookout for more like this one. 


Anonymous said...

That really is a gorgeous bracelet! You have inspired me to take the time this weekend to finish 'works-in-progress'. They do tend to pile uup, don't they?

Three Fates said...

Thanks. My new year's resolution was to finish all the "works in progress" I have. I'm making good progress. I'm happy to have inspired you. :-)

RE Ausetkmt said...

oooooooooooooooooooooo,,, seriously that is a really beautiful bracelet. I endorse that idea of making more - MORE MORE !!

Brenda said...

The bracelet is beautiful! I had a project like that too - I started a Mother's Day magnet last year, and needed a certain color of yarn. I finally finished it for this Mother's Day. Someone bought it and asked for another one! I hope you have the same luck I did.

Three Fates said...

Thank you very much.

Brenda, I hope someone snatches this one up at my first show. :-)

aquariann said...

Fabulous bracelet! Glad you rediscovered and finished it. I need to do the same with a few drawings.

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