Wednesday, May 26

The Phantom

Here is my third "jumble" necklace so far.  I love making these fun sophisticated necklaces.

This beauty is based on the Phantom of the Opera.  I'm not that into Phantom, but the graduate student in the lab is.  She loves it, so she helped me out with a few different ideas.  She told me about the pipe organ, and the rose, and red dress, etc etc.  And this is what my little mind came up with.

I used a wonderful silver lined gold for the herringbone rope.  This represents the pipes of the organ.  And then the "jumble" part consists of silver lined red triangle beads, silver lined seed beads, silver lined square beads, and lovely garnet chips.  The red "jumble" represents the rose and the dress and the passion.

And I wasn't finished with just the necklace. I had enough left over beads to make a matching bracelet.

Again I used the silver lined gold beads as a base, then I just covered the whole bracelet with the collection of the red beads.

I am so happy with how both of these turned out.  They both are quite substantial and a little on the heave side due to the large quantity of garnet chips that were used, but they both very comfortable to wear.

What do you think?


Swapna said...

wow... that is a great-looking set... superb work

Duni said...

This is absolutely stunning. I love the dramatic deep red with gold! Awesome. I also love the name!

Hot Rocks said...

This is so elegant! Lovely colors.

Three Fates said...

Thank you :-)

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