Wednesday, May 12

Playing Catch Up - Art Shows and Ska Music

4 Aspirin Morning performing in Juneau, WI
I have been so crazy busy as of late.  Last month was my birthday as well as our anniversary (6 years already).  And J's birthday is coming up pretty soon.  This year seems to be moving so fast.

J had a show last week in Whitewater.  It was pretty amazing.  The Band were great as well as the band that followed them.

They also have a show tomorrow night (Thursday).  It's there first Madison show.  Exciting.  They play at the Argus at 10:00.  So if any of you are in the Madison area, you should check them out.  There are $2 drink specials as well as fantastic food, and of course awesome ska music.  Check out their Facebook page for more info.Yes, that was some shameful promoting of J's band, but oh well, I'm proud of him.

Ok, that's enough about J, now it's time to talk about me. :-)

I've gotten three art show acceptances so far (I'm waiting to hear from two more), so I've been trying to get all my crap together.  I finished my new sign last night, it looks great, and a new earring display.  The only other major thing I have left, is the table cloths.  I've decided to make new table cloths this year.  You can find out about all the shows I'll be attending by clicking on the 2010 shows tab up at the top of my blog. 

I have been working on a bunch of new stuff.  Even though I've been so busy, I've been feeling so creative lately.  I'll try to get some pictures this weekend to share with everyone.  I'm really liking some of my new things.


Split Rock Ranch said...

Good luck at your art shows!

Thank you for hosting my entrecard ad today!

Brenda said...

Your display for your art show looks really nice. I wish I could sell my Etsy things at arts and craft shows, but my daughter always has dance on the weekend.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Hey Girly did you say SKA ?

You know if they have any tapes or their tunes, you need to have them cut a short drop for BadGalsRadio and shoot those tunes to me Post Haste !!! We Love SKA and We Play It.

Wow.. here I am drooling on your jewelry and you mention SKA.. WOW,,
I knew I liked you for alot of reasons.

Man oh man - SKA and Pearls, What A Classy Combo.

oabtw, Your Jewelry Is To Die For.

Three Fates said...

Thank you very much. I've made a few changes to the set up this year (new table cloths, new sign, a few new displays) so I hope this is a good show year.

RE - Thank you so much, you're really making me blush. I'll tell the guys and see if they can get something together for me to get to you. And to think I was told Ska's dead ;-)

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