Wednesday, June 23

Day Two

Just a quick post today. Here is a sneak peak at my challenge piece. It's only day two and and half done with the bead embroidery. Now just to finish up the second half and start working on the embellishments and attaching it to leather.  I'm really excited about how this one is looking.  I'm starting to grow quite fond of bead embroidery.  There are so many possibilities with it. Stay tuned for day three pictures tomorrow. 

Day two! It's really starting to take shape.

*Storm Update*  Yesterday J stayed home to clean up the flooded basement and I left work early to help.  We got it all cleaned up just in time for the storms that hit us last night and this morning.  Now the basement is flooded again and this morning there was water leaking from a light switch up stairs.  I don't know about the rest of you that live in the area, but I think I'm done with the crap weather.

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