Sunday, June 13

One down, five more to go!

Well yesterday was my first art show of the season.  I worked pretty hard to make sure everything was ready for the show.  I got my new table cloths made, and they look great, if I don't say so.  I even put little ties on the bottom, so that they won't blow in the wind.  So I was pretty happy with those.  I'm never happy with the set up though.  I just feel like I haven't found what works best for me.  We took the tables out and tried a bunch of different set ups, and I just always fall back on the same one.  So I guess I have to work on that some more.  I'll find the right one some day.

The weather was okay, it was overcast all day, but the rain held off. There was a nice breeze and it was no where as near as humid as Friday.

My show set up yesterday (I changed it a bit later in the day).
I again, didn't get a chance to walk around and see all the booths, but J did.  He said it was a little confusing, but okay.  He also went down to the wine, beer, and cheese tasting.  Hey, it was only $5, one of us had to stop down.  K, a friend from work stopped down and joined J at the wine tasting.  She ended up buying some cheese for later.

Overall, I wasn't to impressed with the show, the booth was on the more expensive side and there just didn't seem to be a lot of people.  There were no signs and it was kinda out of the way.  But it might just have been the weather, maybe it was keeping people away.  I think that if I choose to do a show this time next year, I'll apply for the one in the Dells.  That one looks way more fun and well, it's in the Dells, so at least we could go mini golfing or something after wards.   

And you live and learn.  I'll never figure out what shows are good ones without actually going there and seeing.  But on to the next one, I have one in Sun Prairie next weekend at Strawberry Fest.  And if that tuns into a day of fail, at least there will be tons and tons of strawberries. :-)


Sandy said...

I love attending art festivals and sometimes we catch one while we're traveling. Unsure how big your booth is but wonder if you'd attract more attention with your necklaces on one of the side tables instead of towards the back of your booth? I ask because more people wear necklaces then earrings I think. I am one of those the earrings are smaller and more easily picked up in confusion you might not see someone walk off with a pair. I hear people talking about things like this often as I walk around craft and art festivals.

What do you have on the table on the left as I look at the picture? Where your 2 hand mirrors are?

How difficult would it be to have a larger banner made for the front of your booth...perhaps it could resemble your banner on your blog?

Hope the next one is more successful for you. Good luck
Traveling Suitcase
Bridge and Beyond

Three Fates said...

Thanks for all the great advice. I'm always looking for ways to make my booths better.

I actually decided the same thing 3 seconds after this pictures was taken about the necklaces. I moved those over to the left hand side of the booth. I then moved the lampwork beads (that's what was on that table) over towards the back. I figured I could watch people a little bit more closely on something so tiny.

I plan on moving the tables much more closer to the front of the booth. And I'm thinking about getting one of those little awnings for the front of the booth, so my tables aren't so hidden in the back of the booth.

I'm also going to put all my over stock up in the back of the tent. Not for people to look at, but more of an eye catcher.

I'll have new pictures of this weekends show up next week, so you'll have to stop by and see what you think. :-)

Theresa said...

Shame it didn't turn out quite how you wanted but it is always a good chance to figure out how you would rather do it (your setup) the next time. Plus, it gives you the chance to see if you want to do that particular show again.

Anonymous said...

The stand looks good. Not much space to squeeze through to your chair though!

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