Tuesday, June 15

Busy Week

Mamma, are you done yet?
This is going to be quite the busy week.  I'm still recovering from my first show of the season and then going out that night to spend time with our good friends that were back in the states for only a couple weeks (I had a lot of fun and wouldn't have missed it for the world).  Plus, I'm still sick.  What ever this is I got, I sure wish it would go away.

Then J has a huge interview on Wed with the University.  He's so nervous (he has to take a test) and has been preparing for this interview since he got home from class last week.  I hope him the best and I'm sure he'll do great.

I also have my second show this Saturday.  We have to be set up by 8:00am.  That's after a 30 min drive to get there and 1-1.5 hours to set up.  I am just dreading Saturday morning.  But it should be fun.  It's in Sun Prairie (the same town as last weeks) at Strawberry Fest.  They have a whole bunch of things going on, so I'm hoping that the attendance is really good.  And the weather is supposed to be beautiful, which will be nice.  Hopefully I'll do a little bit better then the last show.  2010 Show Dates

Peridot chips on pink triangle
I'm still trying to be as productive as possible this week even if I'm exhausted.  I've been working on triangles.  They seem to be something that I can work on to calm myself down and relax a little bit.  Which is what I need right now.

This is one that I just finished, actually I finished it up at my show last week (sorry I used my phone to take the picture).  I used peridot chips as little fringies.  I didn't start thinking I would use the peridot, but while I was making it, I remembered I had the chips and thought they would go great with the pink and bright green seed beads.  So I added them.  I think they really add a lot to the triangle.  I've seen people add fringe and other accents to the triangles, but I've never tried myself.  I'm very happy I did.  So I guess I'll have to try this again with some of the other chips I have.

Well I'm off.  I have a few more things I need to finish up before my show this Saturday and I have to make sure J is as relaxed as possible tonight.

*Thank you to everyone who gave me pointers on my set up for shows.  I'm going to try a few of them this weekend and see how things turn out.  I'll have pictures next week.*

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Theresa said...

Oh yeah, those peridot chips totally add to that triangle. Beautiful!! Good luck with the next show.

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