Sunday, June 20

Number Two Down!

Okay, so our crazy couple of weeks are over (I think).  Jeremiah had his interview, we're just crossing our fingers and hoping for good news.  And show number two is over with.

This show was during Strawberry Fest in Sun Prairie.  It was a decent show, not the best I've been too, but definitely not the worst.  I was a tad disappointed with the whole Strawberry aspect; really no strawberry smoothies or daiquiris?  And most people told me that they had no idea where the strawberries were even located.  J said it was pretty difficult to find them.

But as for the arts and crafts show, it was okay.  I made enough money to make it worth my time, and I even had enough time to work on some necklaces.  My setup was very different for this show.  I actually was in the middle row, so I had both sides of my tent open.  I wanted nice walk through, so I just put the tables to the side.  But the wind was something else, so we eventually had to give in and put up the wall.  But the wind gave us a nice break from the heat.  It was in the upper 80s/lower 90s, with no clouds at all.  The heat really made J unbearable to deal with; I love that he comes with, but sometimes he's difficult to deal with in the hot heat.  But who's super excited to sit in the hot heat all day?

I did sell two large pieces, which made me pretty excited.  It's nice to have people appreciate how much work goes into a piece, it really makes me happier then the money that I get for it.  I sold one of my Autism Puzzle cuffs, which the woman actually had me take the toggle clasp off because she wanted to use it as a book mark.  I also sold one of my ArtBead necklaces.  The woman really seemed to light up when she saw it and just kept coming back to look at it and try it on.  It just put a smile on her face, as well as mine.  She snatched it up and then gave me the name of a women who owns a local store that only sells high end clothing and jewelry.  She said that I should go talk to her and see if she would be interested in some of my jewelry.  She said it would fit right in and the woman only sells items from local designers.  And the store is right over by the vet school, so I'll have to stop in and see.

Well I'm off to work on my EBW challenge piece.  This month's challenge is secret garden and I'm really excited to work on this one, I'm just a tad behind on finishing up.  So wish me luck, and have a fantastic rest of the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

So glad your show turned out so well! I have been taking a rest on shows this year. Missing the sales, though :)

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