Monday, July 19

So as promised before, I said I was going  to try structural beading.  Here is my first day of beading.  It's pretty small, not even an inch tall at this point, well it is now because I've worked on since I took this picture. 

My plan is to flair it out a bit and then bring it in a little bit.  Just a little beaded vessel.  So lets hope that idea will work.

This little guy is in herringbone but I would like to try different stitches (peyote etc).  Then I can decide if I like doing this and in what stitch I like doing it in the most. 

So stay tuned for more pictures of my progress.  I'll try to keep up on regular and I'll try to keep up the nice pictures instead of reverting back to using my crappy phone.  ☺


Anonymous said...

Great start! Can't wait to see what the final product is :)

Petula said...

Very cool. I've just started getting into making jewelry in consideration of selling. Usually I would just make something for myself when the urge hit me. I started an up-cycled (up-purposed?) piece last night using an old pendant that I loved. I don't think I'll be able to save it to sell 'cause I already love it too much. (How do you deal with that?!)

An-t-way, how did you learn to do those different techniques like the beading work? I was looking at the beading in your header and had an "ah ha" moment 'cause I have some of the beads pictured and wondered if I could pull off something similar.

I'm so amazed by jewelry artists. Very beautiful pieces you have.

Three Fates said...

Thanks Lisa, it's really coming along. I should be finished tonight, if I'm not distracted by other things. It's now about 1 1/2 inches tall.

Three Fates said...

Petula, thank you very much. It took me a few years before I learned to part with items. Now I'm super excited when people buy stuff. It really makes me happy to see how people react to stuff and I love when they send me pictures of them wearing my work.

I taught myself how to do the beadwork. Just books, the internet, and a lot of trial and error. I have a lot of books and magazines, a lot of them. Once you get the basics down, the skies the limit. :-)

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