Friday, July 16

Too Embelish, or Not

I have finally finished my free form bracelet.  I'm still not super excited about it, but I do have to say it's better then what I expected.  While I was working on it, I kept thinking it looked like it was a fish.  I'm not sure why that was stuck in my head, but I was convinced the bracelet looked like fish scales.  But now I don't really feel that way. 

I finished it off with some fringe around the borders and the with a button I've picked up along the way. 

I do love the black beads in this bracelet.  I received them from my aunt, well she's not really my aunt, but that's what I've always known her as.  She is a professional organizer, so she's always sending me little treasures.  These were a nice little surprise.  I found a little bubble envelope in my mailbox one day and all that was in it were these beads.  I fell in love with them immediately and I've been adding them to projects here and there.  They're very pretty little imperfect hex beads with a AB finish.  Just beautiful.

So at least I love one part of this bracelet.  Now I have to decide if I want to do some more embellishments or leave it as is.  This is going to be something I'll have to think about, so I'll get back to you with that answer ;)


On other bead news, I've decided I want to wait for it........sculptural beadwork.   I know really, you want to try and make a little basket or vase out of beads, are you crazy?  I just feel like I would really like to push myself and give this a try.  I'll make something little to start (unlike the first time I tried bead embroidery and then I didn't want to pick up an embroidery project for years after that, but I digress).  So stay tuned for crappy iphone pictures of my progress with this new project.         


Lilysgramma said...

I love it! I think your freeform bracelet is beautiful! The colors compliment each other perfectly, don't change a thing! :) Nice job!

Beadwright said...

The bracelet is great!!! I have been bead sculpting for over 30 years and it remains my most favorite type of bead art. I hope you enjoy it. I have some small beaded basket instructions in Lapidary Journal 1993 or 94. Email me I will send the instructions to you.

Three Fates said...

Lilysgramma, thank you so much. I changed the button a bit, but kept the rest the same. Pictures to come later today (hopefully).

Nicole, thank you so much. You actually one of the people that have inspired me to try the sculptural beading. I love your work. I'll have to go through my database to see if I have those issues (yes I have a database of all my magazines, thank you OCD), but if not I might be emailing you. Thank you again.

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