Wednesday, August 4

EBW Challenge Piece

My EBW challenge piece
I know I've shown pictures of this cuff before, but I finally got it listed on etsy, one day before this month's deadline.  I didn't want to miss out on this challenge since I had missed last month's deadline (I forgot that the deadline was the 5th).

This month's challenge is Gold and Silver.  I love this idea.  Just that perfect combination of two extremely classy colors.  I also love seeing all the beadwork made with these two colors, all those little tiny silver and gold beads just shimmer in the light.  Beautiful.  I know voting is going to be difficult this month, there are already so many beautiful entries.  You can search EBWC on etsy to find all the entries and don't forget to visit the EBW blog between August 9th and 15th to vote for your favorite piece. 

Here are a couple of my favorite entries (even though it's hard to pick).

This beautiful cuff, Silver Remake Beaded Cuff,  was created by Beads and Blooms and is just to die for.  I absolutelty love the silver mesh piece in the center of the cuff.  Just beautiful. 

Then I love this necklace, The Sunshine After the Rain, from The Crimson Moon.  It's has a simple yet spectacular feel to it. 

Both pieces are just a taste of some of the beauties that you can vote for this month.  Like I said before, it's going to be a tough decision this month. 


And I've already started thinking about next month's challenge; BollyWood.  I have a clay cab I made that will just work perfectly, now to decide what I'm going to do and start working on that one.  :-) 


beadsandblooms said...

Wow! I'm honored that you would feature my cuff on your blog! Making something that someone describes as "to die for" is high praise indeed! The Bollywood theme for next month has me a bit baffled. Not sure how to proceed with that one! lol Good luck to you in both challenges!

Three Fates said...

Oh come on that cuff is fantastic. It was the first thing that caught my eye, love it.

I have been looking at a bunch of pictures for the Bollywood challenge and I think I have a pink cab that's going to work perfectly.

JAZEVOX said...

i totally agree! those cuff and necklace pendant are really beautiful. love them!
jazevox fashion

storybeader said...

very pretty cuff - glad you were able to finish it on time! Love looking at all the beadweaving! Thanks! {:-D

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!! I'm your newest follower.

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