Friday, August 27

My Newest Beaded Bottle!

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 As you know I've been really trying to push myself and try new things.  A while back I made a little beaded vessel.  It was really fun to make.  I enjoyed making that little guy a lot.  Well my next project was to bead around an object.  I searched a house for a little bottle that I could use, and well we have a bunch of these little guys around (J plans on using them someday).  And I just sat down with my bead soup and started beading.  After many, many days (granted I was working on numerous other projects also) here is the finished product. 

I really think it looks cool.  I worked on it at the last few art shows, and people were really excited to look at it.  They seemed to get a kick out it.

Even though I really love the outcome and enjoyed beading around an object, I probably won't be trying this again for a little while.  I have a bunch of other projects that I need to work on first before I can start experimenting with patterns and other objects.  But I will bead around more things, it's fun and the end product is so much fun. 

★★★For fun, the first person who tells me what kind of bottle I used to do this product will be entered in my blog giveaway.  We have a winner to the trivia question!!!!!!!  Bobbi of The Bead Goes On won with the answer of a Tobasco bottle.  She will be entered in my blog giveaway.  Didn't win, that's okay, there are five other ways to enter.  Click HERE to enter!!  ★★★ 


Bobbi said...

Hi, I really love your beaded bottle! It's very beautiful! Hope you have a great weekend!
Hugs and happy beading...

Bobbi said...

Ohhh. it's a tabasco sauce bottle and I'm not sure if i spelled that right. lol

Three Fates said...

Thanks Bobbi, you get an entry in my blog giveaway for winning. And thank you about the bottle, it was fun to make. Have a great weekend :)

RE Ausetkmt said...

TABASCO !!!!!!!!
so do we all get bottles (wink*wink)
just kidding. that's lovely work.

Campbell Jane said...

My eyes lit up and my mouth just watered! My favorite condiment Tabasco all dressed up! SO YUMMY!! Seriously I couldn't live a day without it! Your beading is gorgeous! Not long ago I crocheted a cover, scarf & sombrero for mine. Your beads have me beat! :)

storybeader said...

that is a fantastic bead project! Beautiful! There's no scale to see how big it is! I'll say worchester sauce, to be different... {:-Deb

Three Fates said...

Hehehehe, I'm so glad so many people like Tobasco as much as we do. I should take a picture of our bottle collection. They're mostly the chipotle kind, because smoky flavor is good on anything. I bet I could make bottles for everyone with the amount we have. Thank you all for your comments. I really had fun with this one. I'm gonna try a pattern on the next one, but not until my current projects are finished. ;-)

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