Tuesday, August 24

An Update and New Ideas


First off I want to thank everyone that has entered my blog giveaway so far.  If you haven't don't worry, you still have time.  The giveaway is open until August 31st.  One lucky winner will win a pair of beaded earrings and one lucky winner will win beaded butterfly cuff.  Yes, that's right, two winners, two great prizes.  
So please stop by HERE to enter (there are 5 possible ways to enter). 

I made it through my last show of the summer season.  I luckily felt pretty well.  I even ate some cheese bread and part of a calzone.  I know, there's nothing like being sick for a whole week and then jumping right into some calzone, buts that's what I wanted.  At least I didn't go for the bbq calzone.  Hehehe, oh that sounded so good.  The show was okay.  There were a lot of talented artists there and a lot of lookers, but not a lot of buyers.  I did meet a nice woman that holds home shows and she told me that she features local artists at her shows and said that she would be interested in featuring me if I would like.  So I think I might go to her next one and I might take her up on that offer.  That's a pretty awesome offer.  I'll keep everyone updated on that.

I've been spending a lot of time with J's band mates and I've been thinking about offering a few music related things.  I've been playing with all the guitar strings I've been collecting from J over the years and I think I have a few good ideas down.  I made myself this bangle with some leftover beads and some strings (I know the picture is awful).  I love how it looks and I have a few other ideas I'd like to try too.  I'd like to try braiding the thick wires, I think that will look great.  And we have a few different ideas for adding clasps. 

I have also been thinking up a few different beading ideas and I think I'm going to get a loom to try out these ideas on.  J has promised he'd make me a loom, thank god for engineers, right.  So he's been looking at different looms and planing mine out.  I can't wait for it to be finished.  Hopefully I can figure out this whole loom thing.  I tried it once before and it didn't go over so well, so I'm hoping it will work better this time.  So I'll have to post some pictures as soon as I try my newest "experiment."  
So I'll keep everyone updated on my latest ideas and post some teaser pictures soon.

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Lenox Knits said...

That is a very cool idea. I have a guitar playing husband and nephew. i may have to think about ways to recycle their old strings in my crafting too.

Good luck with the home show. It sounds pretty promising.

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