Tuesday, September 14

New Blog

So I've decided to start a second blog, because I definitely need more things to do in my life. J/K  This blog will follow me and J's path to adult hood and you can get to know me as a person a little bit better.  I'll be talking about those things you need to do to actually be sort of considered an adult; buying a house, moving, fixing a house, getting married, etc, etc.  You know those things.

It's called, Three Fates and J Grow Up.  Yup real original, I know, but I couldn't think of anything else to call it at the time.  Right now I'm focusing on us looking at houses and J's new job (yes he finally, after two years of looking, got a job in Mad Town).  My first posts are looking at the houses we've gone and looked at thus far.  Then I plan on branching out and venting my frustrations of moving and home improvements.  But we must buy a house first.

So if you'd like a look into a little bit of my personal life and maybe get to know me a little bit better, stop on by my second blog.  It's not much yet, buy I'm slowly growing it, and who knows maybe I'll get J to post on there a few times, but probably not.  


Theresa said...

Good luck with the new blog, hope you can keep up with both :).

Received my cuff and it is stunning, even more so in person. Thanks again so much!!

Christy said...

Sounds good to me, I think it's a good idea!

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