Tuesday, September 21

Not much but a cute picture of Yoda!

I have been so crazy busy as of late.  As some of you know who have stopped by my other blog, J got a new job and we are currently in the process of finding and buying our first home.  This is an exhausting process and has made us both pretty stressed out, I think J might be more because he has the stress of also starting a new job. 

I have had no time to bead because after we get done with everything else we need to do at night I'm exhausted to the point of passing out.  So I will be happy once we are done with all of this, not just because the stress will be gone, but we will also own our own home.  And that's a good thing.

So I leave you with this picture of Yoda.  After a very long weekend, I found her all cuddled up in the blanket on the couch sleeping.  I woke her up to get this picture.     
Momma, this blankie is comfy, I'm just gonna nap right here.


walterbayliss said...

Great post.
I admire people that take that extra step towards good content.
Walt Bayliss
Founder and CEO

Karen said...

It worked! Yoda is adorable. I forget what my comment was going to be since that was last week but I had to conquer this and make a comment! LOL Have a great week.

Three Fates said...

LOL! I'm so glad it worked, it was a problem on my side. I changed how the comments were posted. If you notice any other problems or if the comments to work again, let me know. Have a great week. :-)

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