Wednesday, October 13

Day 3 - Sneak Peek

Last night I finished up all of the bead embroidery on my fall collar.  I'm pretty excited about this because, well I think anyway, that it looks so pretty already.

I'm currently embellishing it with some glass pressed leaf beads in fun fall colors.  I'm really happy with how it is turning out so far.  Now all I have to do is get it sewn onto a piece of leather, the spiral rope made for the necklace, and add the fringe.  Yeah, really nothing much less to do, yeah right.

But I'm really happy with it so far.  I'm just a little worried that I don't have enough seed beads to add the border and add fringe, guess I'll have to make another bead order, oh no.

I won't have time to work on it for the next couple of days because we're looking at another house tonight (for more house hunting news click here) and then J has a gig Thursday, but hopefully by Friday I'll be sewing the leather on.  Oh I can't wait.


In other super exciting news, a student from the UW contacted me today.  They would like to feature one of my cuffs in an article about female artists in WI.  That's super cool.  They're going to have a professional photographer take pictures of it, which is really exciting because well my photography is okay, but I would love to see what my stuff looks like after a professional gets their hand on it.  I'll update everyone with more news as I get it.   


Anonymous said...

That is so intricate - I am always in awe of you folks who do bead work!

Three Fates said...

Thank you so much Grace. I'm really starting to love bead embroidery, it lets me "paint" with beads.

Theresa said...

That is so cool about being featured, though well deserved!! Congrats!

Karen said...

That is so cool that you will be featured! Your things are awesome.

storybeader said...

the collar looks great! Always loved the unexpected pictures artists make with their mediums. Congrats on the pro shoot - hope you get to use the photographs... that would be nice! {:-D

Three Fates said...

Thanks everyone. I'm excited, I've never had my things featured in a magazine (even if it's only a student run one). :-)

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