Monday, October 18


I took a break last night from my beaded collar for ArtBeads.  I'm so close to being done with it, right now I'm just working on getting the edge stitch around the whole thing.  Can't wait.

But while I had some free time I sat down with my beads and some wire again to tackle more french flowers.  I am just working on getting some of the basic stitches/loops (I don't know what you call them) down.  I have made three flowers so far, the newest one being the one on the far right, the largest one.

It's so cute and I had so much fun making it.  I could definitely tell my first petal from my last petal.  I had improved pretty well from the first to the last, not that I'm even close to being an expert.  I have really no idea what I'm doing at times and the patterns I have for some really pretty, but complicated flowers, boggle my mind.  But hopefully I'll just keep practicing and keep improving my skills and I'll maybe be able to actually make a beaded flower that looks like a lily, instead of a generic looking flower.  


storybeader said...

they look great! Practice, practice! {:-D

Three Fates said...

Thanks, they get better every time I make one. Maybe someday they will look like the ones I see in books and magazines. :-)

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