Monday, October 25

Halloween Sale!

I'm having a sale!! I've decided to have a sale because I really haven't had one in quite some time and well it's almost Halloween and I love Halloween. So to celebrate my favorite holiday everything in my store is 15% off.  Check it out!

I'm also giving this Etsy on Sale site a try.  It's a new (at least it's new to me) site that allows you to program sales in your etsy store and it changes all the prices and adds a little message to each title if you want.  Which is nice because anyone who has a large amount of items in their stores know it's a pain to go through and change each additional item.  They also give you a sort of home page with all your sale items.  Each item links back to etsy. 

It was pretty easy to set up and plan a sale.  So we'll see how it goes and see if I would use it in the future.      


Anonymous said...

I tried a short sale (one day) when it first started. I did track some traffic from estysale to my shop through google. I think it may take some time for it to catch on, but what a great option! I'll be joining you on the whole sale thing over the weekend :)

Three Fates said...

It's good to hear that you saw some traffic from the site. I'll see what it does for me. Good luck with the sale this weekend. :-)

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