Friday, October 29

So Close!

Last night I was determined to get as much done on my beaded collar as I could.  I wanted to finish up the fringe.  Oh the fringe that is driving me insane.  But I ran out of beads at this point.  I'm getting my order in to ArtBeads today so I can hopefully get the project done before next fall.  This project has taken me so long.  I guess trying to take on my first bead embroidered collar while trying to buy our first house was a bad move on my behalf.  I'll remember that the next time I'm buying a house ;-)


Do you want to hear a side story on the fringe and the pain it's causing me?  I guess it's a funny story, it wasn't so funny when it happened.  So I'm gonna tell the story anyway.

The other day I had the whole day off for a dentist appointment.  I work for the university, so I have to take a number of furlough days a year, I try to plan them around things like dentist appointments.  Well my appointment wasn't till later in the day so I thought I would get some work done on the collar.  Why not, I didn't really have anything else to do at the time.

So I get my lap desk out and snuggle under a blanket or two (hey, it's getting cold here in WI already) and started working.  Well to no surprise, both cats jumped up and made them selves comfortable on the blanket.  They always do this, and except for the occasional I wanna touch the shiny things moments, they aren't any trouble.  Well I guess Nacho was not content on being content.

I had just cut a new piece of thread, got it all tied in and started in my beadwork.  I had just put the beads for that row of fringe on the string when Nacho started eying up the string.  I noticed, and I cautioned her to behave.  Well Nacho doesn't do very well at listening to anyone.  She grabbed the string in her mouth and took off at mach speed towards the basement.  I truly didn't know she could move that fast.  She pulled the string out of the needle (that I was holding in my hand) and pulled the collar off my lap desk.  And with that action, the carefully counted out beads I had sitting on the desk went flying through the air almost like they were in slow motion.

Luckily, Nacho dropped the string half way to the basement, probably because of the horrible noise that came out of my mouth.  It probably scared her to the point she knew she better drop what she had and save her own life. 

Now I knew I would be close on my beads, I couldn't afford to loose just one.  So as I looked at our carpet that is perfect at camouflaging beads, I knew this wasn't going to be good.  With a huge sigh, I set me lap desk on the table and got down on my hands and knees picking up every bead I could find.  This continued for at least a half an hour because I was determined to find every bead that had fallen. 

Did I find them all?  Oh hell no.  You know how it is, you have something that is important and tiny and then you drop it, you'll never find it again.  Anyone who beads can contest to that.                   

Needless to say, that did not boost my excitement for fringe work.  It actually made my so much more frustrated, that I stopped working on the collar for the rest of the day and made a cuff.  And now Nacho is no longer allowed anywhere near me when I bead.   

And that is my beaded fringe story, or as I like to call it, the day I thought I might kill our cat.  :-)


Anonymous said...

I hate your story :0 It was funny, but being a beader, I totally sympathize! What is worse is when you are getting sick of working on the piece and just want it to be over and something like this happens! I feel so bad, but it really was funny and the way you narrated it, I literally saw the beads flying in the air in slow motion....every beaders worst nightmare :)

I'm Dustee said...

Oh no!!!! I too work with beads, seed beads being the worst for accidents, obviously. Well, I have a 8 month old black lab who is spoiled rotten and from time to time I like to bead outdoors simply bec I am more inspired, well that doesn't happen anymore bec 3 times our dog jumped right up on my couch and put his big ol' puppy paw right into the middle of my beads and they of course go to flying and rolling and seem to instantly vanish! :( I'm glad you got your collar finished tho the tree is lovely. :)

Nyla Crystal said...

OH no! I totally understand your frustration with fringe. I make some of my belly dance costumes and the 6" fringe around a 40" belt is always the part I dread the most.

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