Monday, November 8

So this has been a pretty boring blog as of late.  One, maybe two, blog posts a week if I'm lucky.  What has gotten into me?  Why does it seem like I've forgotten about this blog?  The truth is, I've been busy.  Yes, just like all the rest of us life has taken over and blogging gets put on the back burner.  As you know, me and J are buying our first home.  Read more here.  It's an exciting time, but it's also an exhausting time.  And since we currently live about 45 min away from where we work and where we are buying the house, the commute really gets to us.  By the time we get done with work, do any house buying related things that need to be done, drive home, and eat dinner, I'm ready for bed.  Most nights I don't even want to get the beads out, that's how you know I'm tired.

But I did get some work done on my beaded collar this weekend.  I had to order some more beads from ArtBeads to finish, but it's coming along nicely now.  I'm hoping to have it done by this weekend.  If that's going to happen, I don't know, but that's my goal for now.

I have half of the spiral rope done and all of the fringe done (finally).  Now I just have to finish up some edging (the idea came to me yesterday while I was working on it, hopefully it works out nice) and I'll be done.

I really picked a bad time to try making my first bead embroidered collar, but the whole buying a house thing was only a thought and a dream when I started.  We really didn't think we would find a house we liked until spring since it is so late in the year and people are pulling their houses off the market already.  But we did find a house that we loved and now is a great time to buy, so we decided to go for it.  Unfortunately, my first time diving into an endeavor like this has suffered, but I won't let it deter me.  I plan on making another collar after we get settled into our new place.

I also come up with a fun project that I can't wait to work on.  But that one I'm waiting until we move to start.  I also have been considering inviting all the artist out there to join me in my next project, maybe a challenge type project because I love seeing what other people come up.  But stay tuned and let me know if any of you out there would be interested in joining me in a challenge.  It's based on one of my favorite shows, but you don't have to like the show or even know what it is to join.  I'll post some more info on it next month.  And I promise to try to post a little bit more on this blog until then.  Just to keep everyone updated. :-)       

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