Tuesday, November 16

Christmas Time!

**Ornament Sale!!!  To help reduce the amount of things I need to move, all ornaments are on sale!  They are all $5.00 off!  This is the perfect time to pick up a few for gifts and a few for yourself.  Please stop by the Christmas section in my etsy store to check out the selection.  I'll be adding more everyday.**  

Okay, so I know I promised to have finished pictures of my collar today, but last night did not go as planned.  I had a huge allergy attack and was pretty much out of commission for the whole night.  So maybe tonight I'll get some pictures, maybe not.  See today we got the official word that our loan has been approved and we will own our first home in less then one month.  So we might decide to go celebrate tonight, but if we don't, I'll make sure to get pictures.

 But on a side note, it is almost Christmas, so I've started listing my large assortment of beaded Christmas ornaments.  They are nothing super fancy, but they do look pretty nice on the tree if you ask me.  They also make great gifts.  Almost everyone in the family has at least one beaded ornament, if not more.  They like to receive them and they like to give them.   

Check out my Etsy store for the selection.  I have a whole bunch of them, so I will be adding a few everyday this week.

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