Tuesday, November 23

What Inspires You?

Voting for ArtBeads What Inspires You? opened at midnight last night.  This fun little competition shows what designers are inspired by and the beautiful creation that comes from that inspiration.

I entered my bead embroidered Summer Time cuff.  This was one of the most fun project I've ever worked on for ArtBeads.  And only my 3rd bead embroidered project (I think this was the one that got me hooked). 

My inspiration came from my love of summer and the beach.  I wanted to capture a wonderfully warm summer day, where the sand is hot, but the water is cool.  I wanted someone to look at this cuff and be transported back to their childhood; building sand castles on the beach and chasing the waves.   

I also looked to old vintage postcards for inspiration.  I love how they depict everyone having such a fun time at the beach.  These old postcards are bright and fun and real works of art.

My cuff was all hand embroidered using product from ArtBeads.  It was then sewn onto super soft dark brown leather and finished with snaps.

To vote for my cuff, click HERE.  To check out all the other entries (there is a necklace category and a general category) click HERE.  You can vote for your five favorite entries in each category.  Voting ends December 8, 2010, so get your vote in today.

This is not a paid post.

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OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Wowie!! The Summer Time Cuff is really beautiful!!

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