Monday, January 10

Cow Print Listed - Check that off the list!

When we moved into our new house it gave me the opportunity to go through my beads and finished product and see what I actually had.  I realized I have a crap ton of beads that I should maybe, just maybe try and use.  So right now I'm working on some small projects that use up some of my left over beads.  You know, the ones that just sit around with no plans for the future.  I've show you my guitar string bracelets that use left over beads and used guitar strings, but I'm also working with my left over seed beads.  Just making a few true one of a kind bracelet using all the tiny little beads I have lying around.  I'll get pictures of them up as soon as I finish them.

I also had the opportunity to go through all my finished stock.  All those pieces that I've finished, maybe photographed or not photographed, and then put in my finished pile to just be sort of forgotten.  Well not really forgotten, but just not listed on etsy.  I guess last year was just such a busy year that I didn't get around to listing everything I wanted too.  But I promise I'll try harder this year.  I'd like to list all those lost forgotten souls before the end of the month.  It's a big task, but hopefully I can do it.

One of the first projects I have listed is my cow print cuff.  Now I'm not really an artist that can draw all that great, but cow print I can do.  So I sat down a drew up a very simple cow print and then made up a cuff.  I wanted it to be more then just black and white, so I used hex cut beads in silver and black.  This little guy shines and sparkles so much.

J doesn't really think it looks like cow print.  He told me it looks cool and abstract, but not like cow print.  But I have been told that it does look like cow print by some really fantastic bead artists and friends.  So there J, it does look like a cow.  Hopefully all of you think it looks like cow print as well. ;-)

If you'd like to see more pictures of this cuff you can click HERE to go to my etsy store.  I listed it last night.  See I'm on a roll, I have listed a cuff, 3 guitar string bracelets, and 2 triangle earrings, as well a few renewals.  So lets hope I can keep this up.  I know that our home remodeling and decorating may try to get in the way, but I'll try to keep posting new things and keep listing new things.  Now I jut need your guys help, if you notice I'm getting behind let me know, give me a little kick in the butt.

I'd also like to announce my next project soon.  And I would love all of you crafty or non-crafty people to be involved.  I know that's pretty vauge, but it will be using color pallets from one of my favorite shows and I'd like to see not just what I can come up with, but what you can come up with.  I'll have move on that soon.

 And don't forget that I'm still having my 15% off sale.  Everything in my store will be 15% to help us save up a little bit of money for Yoda's eye surgery.  We're hoping to save up some money in the next couple months so she can have the surgery as soon as possible.  Click HERE to read more about Yoda.  

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