Thursday, March 17


Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone.  The day where everyone wants to be like me; a green eyed, pale skinned ginger.  Granted I'm not a true ginger, we're the brunette kinda Irish folk.  But when I started going gray at 25, yes you heard me, I decided I might as well be a redhead.  I'm just rambling right now, enough of that!!!

I don't have any specific St. Patrick garb in my store (we just bought that house, I've been busy ☺), but I do have plenty of green items to go around.

I love green, I always seem to gravitate toward green.  You should see how many green beads I have.  And don't get me started on the different shades of green glass rods I own.  It's just a great color.

 Stop by my etsy store today and check out all the wonderful green items up for sale.  And a lot of them just might be in the clearance section (even better).

I hope everyone has a fantastic St. Patrick's day! 

And I hope spring has started peak it's little head out for most of you, it has finally started to make it's presence here in WI.   

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous green-ness!

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