Monday, October 24

Another Pendent!

Monday, Monday. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was productive. Got some stuff done around the house, ran out of beads for my bookmarks, so I had to run to the bead store (and they only had two of the three colors I needed). You know, a typical weekend.

I didn't get a lot done in the beading relm of things, but I did get some sewing done.  I knew crazy, me sewing.  But I got myself a serger, and well, I've been a sewing machine, hahaha. 

But I do have a new pendent to share.  I'm in love with this one.  I'm a huge fan of color, but black and white is always so clasic.  And I adore the cameo.

I even made a lovely black and white Kumihimo braided rope for it using black fiber and white fiber that has a hint of sparkle.  I picked the white fiber up at one of the local thrift stores.  It's so pretty and soft.

This is the last of the pendents I made over the summer months.  I have a few other pieces I finished up over the summer that I still have to share, but no more pendents.  Hopefully these pendents will go over well during the show season.  I love how quick and easy they are to make, so I can keep the price down on these.  I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Have an enjoyable Monday everyone, see you on the flip side.  :-) 


Rose said...

The pendant is gorgeous! I hope that the pendants do well at your upcoming shows.

I love sergers. I haven't used one in years, but they are amazing machines.

Three Fates said...

Thanks Rose. And I'm glad to here your love for a serger is as strong as mine. I really do love it, it's made my life a lot easier. :-)

Rose said...

You're very welcome. That's awesome!

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