Tuesday, October 25


It's a rainy day here in WI.  The leaves are changing (we have a ton in the back yard) and the weather's getting cooler, I guess summer is really over.  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Today I just have a few necklaces to share.

The first is a ribbon necklace.  I made one of these one night about 30 min before a party because I needed a big statement piece, and I've gotten more complements on it then probably anything else I've made.  I don't take credit for inventing these, because I'm pretty sure I've seen similar ones other places.  

This necklace is made using some black ribbon, acrylic beads in purple, black, and white, rubberized purple beads (these are so cool) and some stone nuggets (I can't remember what they are off hand, I'll have to look again tonight).  It's big, bold statement piece, but still girlly.  I love these.

The next is a crazy one I made using that fuzzy yarn and my Kumihimo disk.

This yarn is really soft and a lot of fun.  I made myself a bracelet out of it as well.  I also made a smaller rope using embroidery floss.  I then added some glass beads, a few wooden beads, and brass washers.  I really like this one.  It has such a crazy side.

And the last one is one I made for myself.

I used this wonderful purple yarn for the Kumihio braid.  And then made a simple beaded focal tube.  I was going to make a few little beaded beads, but I was lazy so I just made one.  Again, nothing new or exciting (this idea has been done a ton of times before by artists much more talented then myself), just a simple beaded bead with a simple braided rope.  Just something pretty and soft I can wear. 

That's all I have for you today.  I'm hoping to bring back Wordless Wednesdays where I feature some of my favorite sells of hand made goodies.  Hopefully no one minds.  See you all tomorrow!

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Rose said...

Fun pieces! Some of my simplest work gets the most compliments.

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