Thursday, November 3

Custom Order Ready to Go

I'm so excited because I've finally finished the next two custom ordered bookmarks.  WooHoo!

My customer that ordered the first one like this, see story here, was so happy with it that she ordered two more almost imediately.  One is for her son and one is for her uncle.  I was more then happy to do a few more for her, but these did not come without headaches.

First I came down with the flu as soon as she ordered them.  Then I ran out of beads and had to run to the bead store.  The first bead store didn't have anything I needed.  So I had to go to the other side of town to the big store that has the full line of Delicas.  The other side of town, it sounds like live in a huge metropolis and it was a huge deal.  It only took me 10 min on the beltline to get there.

But the bead store is always a dangerous place for me and J.  I picked up my beads and was on my way out when J spotted some old vintage keys.  And he had to have one.  If you didn't know any better you would think he was 3, he's 30.  Then I was 35 cents away from my next punch on my card, so off I went to find something that would bring me up to 2 punches.  I got some cool bead caps, if you were curious.

Then I finished up these bad boys in a few days.  Then I noticed that I used one color of bead for the background on one and then another color on the other.  Blah, hopefully she won't mind.  I guess I'll see soon.

But after all of that I'm still really happy with these guys.  I think they turned out great.  Hopefully she'll be okay with the two different colros.  Fingers crossed.


Rose said...

I don't think that she'll notice. They turned out beautifully! The bead store is always a dangerous place for me, too.

kevnaya1 said...

As soon as I saw him, the name "Claude" sprang to mind, but that doesn't quite go with the dark for some reason. "Andre" however would also be good. Can't wait to see what you decide.

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