Wednesday, November 16

It's that time of year again

So I'm just reminded over and over again that Thanksgiving is only a week away, so that means Christmas is 5 weeks away.  How did this month slip by so very quickly?

Right now I'm working hard on my custom order (and waiting patiently for my bead order).  But I just wanted to let eveyone know that Christmas ornaments are back up in my etsy store.  And the best part about them, they're still at clearance price.  Only $10 + shipping.  Check them out today!

Okay, back to putting the finishing touches on my pattern, then bead, bead, bead.  Have a happy Wednesday everyone.  


Rose said...

This month went so quickly for me, too! I hope that your ornaments do well this year. Good luck with your beading!

cottasofia said...

I may have gotten a few for me like a few new cabs and some tila beads good luck.
Murano Glass

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