Thursday, November 17

They're Here
Yippy, my beads have finally arrived.  I ordered a bunch of beads to finish up this large custom order over a week ago. I knew it would take at least a week to get, but was sad when it took this long.  And yes I am a little upset that FedEx just changed the estimated arrival date (which in turn made the "on time" status true).  But who cares now, they are here and I can finish up with the bookmarks.  And yes, I beaded till midnight last night. 

And of course I didn't just get beads for the bookmarks, I may have gotten a few for me.  Like a few new cabs and some tila beads (can't wait to use these guys).

So my time will be filled with continuous beading until mid December.  I actually took a couple days off work to make sure I get this order done.  I can do this, I just need to manage my time. :-)  I'd love to hear about how you guys take on big projects.  What have you found to be the best way to manage time?   

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Rose said...

I'm glad that your beads made it. I get frustrated when shipping is slow, too. I always end up ordering at least a couple things for myself, too. I can't wait to see what you do with the tilas.

Between my final holiday show and handmade Christmas presents (plus the December EBW Challenge), I will be beading through mid December, too. I stay committed to beading 1-2 hours per day minimum on weekdays when I have big projects. I like to bead while I watch TV or listen to music.

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