Tuesday, November 29

Busy, busy, busy

Well Thanksgiving is over, but that just means Christmas is around the corner.  How did this year go by so fast?  Oh well I guess I just except it because complaining about it won't make it summer again, but oh how I wish it were summer again.  Especially when I'm waiting for the bus in the morning.

I've been working very hard on my custom order. It's going along well. 

But in addition to the 10 bookmarks, I'm also working on two other one's for her.  It's an extended version of this one I made for her back in the spring.  The sides are extended out so the image is complete.  I also added the words "Brothertown Indians", her tribes name, to the bookmark.  I just sent her the first draft of this today, so we'll see what she says tonight.  Hopefully she'll like it.   

And just in case you forgot what the other bookmark looked like, here's a reminder.  Like I haven't show you this picture enough. ;-)

I have three completed and two almost completed. That only leaves 5 more to go. And now since Thanksgiving is out of the way, I should have a little more free time to work on these babies.  Hopefully I'll have these done in a couple weeks.  Then I can dig into some of my new beads I've been dying to work with.

Have a happy Tuesday everyone!  


Rose said...

I'm glad that your custom order is going well! Good luck with everything.

Glamour Buttons (formerly Alterity) said...

Gorgeous! As always. I lost my patience with seed beads long ago :(

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