Tuesday, January 3


Wow, it's been a long time since I've updated this blog.  Unfortunately I don't have any huge impressive items I've been working on, just the large custom order I've been working on for two months.  And the best part, I'm almost done.  I only have two more to go and I'm done for a while.  WooHoo.

But I have been thinking about getting my studio in order.  I mean, it's been a year in the new house, you think I would have done this by now, but I have not.  I guess I have felt that other rooms were a little more important.  And I have been sharing the room with J's computer.  I know, it's not exactly fair that I have to share my room when he has his own studio, a garage, and is designing the reading room, oh well.  But over the vacation I decided I was going to start working on the room as soon as this large order was finished.

It looks even worse that the picture above.  The ferret has since been moved to the extra bedroom (also a room that J uses) and many more boxes have been added.  And the piles of crap seem to have grown immensely, mostly because the lack of storage.  But no more!!!  It's time for me to get this room cleaned up.

First order of business is paint color.  I decided that I want to do a color that is a lot more bold and bright then I would normally use. 

Maybe a bright green or deep pink.  Like this green, it's called Parakeet.  I'm liking it a lot.  And then maybe doing a stencil with a lighter color of green.  I've seen a lot of people use stencils and I'm liking them.  Maybe use a bright blue accent color, just a little tiny bit of blue.  That would be pretty and definitely inspire me to create.

Maybe this blue.  I like it, it's bright and beautiful.  And I think it would work great with a bright green.  Maybe I can even paint some of my furniture in this room this color, I like that idea.

The we discussed the idea of doing vertical stripes on the wall because of the paneling on the wall.  It would be pretty easy because I would have the lines already drawn for me and should be easy to do.  But what colors would I like to do that in?

Maybe a lovely purple pink color.  Like this one.  It's pretty and bold.  But maybe it's too dark for my studio.

I could do a little bit lighter pink color, like this one.  It's bright and beautiful.  I could accent it with black or even that bright blue from before.  Hmmmmm.

Or I could just do a nice grey wall and accent it with one of these crazy colors.  Maybe in the form of a stencil.  Well I guess I have a lot more to think about.  This is becoming a lot more difficult then what I thought it was going to be.

What do you think?  What color is your studio or what color would you paint it?  I'd love to hear your opinions.   

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