Thursday, March 1

I Need A Vacation

How many of us are telling ourselves that, especially this time of year?  Well maybe if you don't have to put up with the long dark winter you aren't thinking that.  Granted, our winter here in WI has been extremely mild, but it's still just as dark and gloomy as always.  Because I leave for work at 6:30 and don't get home until 5:00, I don't have the luxury of seeing a lot of daylight during the winter months.  And well, it gets to me, as it would a lot of people.  So my creativity fluctuates a lot during this time of year.  I go through ups and downs with my beadwork.  Right now I seem to be in one of those "downs".  I just don't really feel like beading.  Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's my studio which is being painted, maybe it's the difficulties I'm having with my current custom order, maybe it's this never ending cold.  Whatever it is, I just don't feel like picking up a single bead.  It's sad.  But the mornings are getting brighter when I walk to the bus, my studio redo is coming along, and I have a bead order that's on the way.  So maybe things will be picking up again.  Lets hope.

But you know me, just because I'm not beading, doesn't mean I'm not working on something.  I've been working on my crocheting the past week.  I've now made us four dish cloths.  Here are the latest two.

I think I just might be getting better at this whole crocheting thing.  I even added a nice little edging on these.  They aren't perfect, but for only being my fourth and fifth attempt at crocheting, I don't think they are too bad.

I also have decided to try crocheting in the round.  I mean if I ever want to create J's Boba Fett hat or some cute amigurumi, I have to learn how to do that.  So I started with the ever famous Granny Square.

This is my very first square.  It's not perfect and it took me about five squares to get down how to actually start a new round, but I think I might have it.  And these guys work up so fast, so it's as close to instant gratification as I'm going to get.  I have a small stack of these little guys already, and now I can't wait to put them together to make and afghan.

So maybe crochet is the nice break I need to gather my creativity and get ready to jump head first back into beading.  Lets hope, show season is coming up soon.    


Pearl said...

Both my maternal and paternal grandmothers and their sisters used to make crochets in their free time. I think you're getting good at it. Good job!

Rose said...

Good luck with your crocheting! I haven't been beading as much as usual lately either. I think that it's good to mix up the creative routine as your muse dictates.

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