Tuesday, March 6

New Custom Order - Guitar Strings

Last night I broke out the soldering iron and made a few more guitar string bracelets. This one was for a return customer that bought one for her mom back in December.  This is actually a replacement for the one she purchased.  In some unforeseen circumstances, her mom squished the last one.  So she wanted a replacement bracelet.      

And because I like to keep my customers keep coming back, I included this little guy as a free gift.

I always feel bad when I hear someone has broken or lost one of my pieces.  And I'm always flattered when they come back to me and order a replacement.  It makes me feel so good (sad that the original had an unhappy end, but honored that they asked me to make another).  So I always try to include something special when a situation like this happens. 

I hope her mom likes her new one as much as she liked the first one.

In studio news, I finished painting wall number 2 in the studio this past weekend.  Well it's not finished, but it's close enough to be called finished.  What do you guys think of the colors and stripes?  I wasn't sure about them at first, but I think it's growing on me.    

Oh and ignore the mess that is my studio and the sun porch, that's where I do all of my winter painting and staining.  I'm hoping to have that mess picked up soon.

I hope everyone has a fantastic day.  Later.

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1 comment:

Rose said...

That's great that she came back for a replacement! I'm always sad to learn that one of my pieces has gotten lost or broken, but it's still good to get that replacement order. I like to include free gifts with custom orders, too. Your bracelets look great.

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