Thursday, March 8

On my way to an afghan

I now have 10 granny squares completed.  I know, I might just have an afghan soon.  Well, not soon, but sooner then I had thought.  I'm just trying to get as many done as I can, working on them every extra second of the day.  It takes me about 45min to an hour to finish one, so not bad.  And I think they are starting to look better the more I make.  So you just wait and see, I'll have a blanket in no time.

And looky what I picked up at the thrift store the other day.  A whole mess of crazy yarn.  These bad boys were 90 cents a thing, that's cheap.  I think these run about $3-4 normally.  Now I can't wait to start working on projects with these.  They are gonna be so much fun. 

Now I'm off to work on more squares.  Later peeps! :-)

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