Monday, July 9

I'm Back!

I didn't actually go anywhere, but I've been a little absent with this blog.  Truthfully, I was on "vacation" last week.  I use the parentheses because it wasn't a true vacation.  I didn't go anywhere, I still went into work a few times, was on call 24/7, and worked my little butt off around the house.  So, it wasn't really a vacation, just some much needed time off of work.  Now don't get me wrong, I love my day job.  Research is in my blood.  But I've been working on so many projects that I needed a break.  Unfortunately the projects didn't go away while I was gone, but I guess that's a good thing.  As long as there are projects, hopefully there is money to go with those projects, and if there is money, I still have a job.  :-)

But anyway, back to important things; creative stuff.  I haven't picked up a bead since my last show.  I just haven't had time to plan a new project out, but I'm hoping to be able to do that soon.

I have been working on my crochet projects.  I'm pretty proud of myself with these.  They aren't anything special, but it's still better then what I was doing only a few short months ago.

I've been busy with dish cloths.  I've even started making these little guys called Twashi.  Aren't they cute?  I got the pattern here and I love making them.  They only take an hour or so to make one, so they have a sort of instant gratification.

I've also made a few more square dish cloths, but to be honest, I like using the twashi better.  They work really well.

I've also come to a stand still with my blanket.  I've now gone through 9 balls of yarn and I think I need at least one or two more.  So as soon as I pick some more of that up, I can hopefully finish that guy up.

And the project that I was most proud of, my hat.

Look at it, I made a hat.  I followed a pattern and made a hat.  I can't believe it.  It's nothing fancy, but it is a hat.  And the most important thing is, I was able to follow a pattern.  I was so scared that I wouldn't be able to, but I did.

I didn't make the flowers, those I already had, but the actual hat was all me.  I can't wait to make some more.  Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas this year?

What have all of you been up to?  Start or finish any fun projects?

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IndieCEO / GalleriaLinda said...

The hat is great! Wish I could crochet. I used to do knitting and crochet decades ago but found it tedious. You are doing great with it.

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