Monday, November 12

Guess What?

I finally have something new!!!  I know, crazy right?   But it's true.  I've been working on a bunch of new stuff and I finished this baby up last week.  Well i'ts almost finished.  I haven't painted the frame, but the beadwork is all finished.  I call it City Lights.  I was joking with J that this must be downtown Madison because the tallest building is only six stories (we don't have sky scrapers here in Madison).

I decided to try and make a few beaded pictures like this because I was asked at a few shows if I have ever made any that were scenes not just pretty designs.  That got me thinking, why not?  I've made many a cuff that had a lovely beaded theme on it, like my Walk in the Garden cuff, so why not try it out on a larger scale.

I'm very happy with this one.  It's simple, but still awesome.  Okay, I think it's awesome, I'm not really sure if anyone else feels that way.  But I feel like I'm finally starting to find my voice in beadwork.  I'm finding something that I really love to do.  Something that I can put my heart and soul into.  And I'm loving that.  It only took me fifteen years ;-)    

I am currently working on a new beach themed picture.  I guess as winter starts blowing in (and boy was it this morning), I'm thinking of tropical islands and warm sandy beaches.  Sounds wonderful.  Whoa, I think I just started to daydream there, lets get back to beadwork.  So, as I was saying, I'm working on a new one that I'll have progress pictures soon.

So what do you think, yay or nay?  And do you have any suggestions on frame color.  I was thinking maybe silver, but I'm not sure.  I'd love to hear everyone's opinion.

Have a wonderful Monday!


Anonymous said...

Frame color- I'd say a charcoal grey. I really love the details in this piece- the ways you've chosen to orient the beads. It's so lovely that you've finally found your voice and passion!

Duni said...

Wow! Victoria, I'm loving this beaded skyline! I love the swirly nightsky and the sparkly beads you used for the stars.
So great you have found your passion!

Rose said...

It turned out beautifully! I look forward to seeing more of these pieces. I think that silver would work well for the frame.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Wow...this is amazing! I can't imagine the time and love you put into your creations! The beach theme sounds awesome!
I think a red would look great for the frame. But if you want to stay neutral, I'm with Rose on the silver.

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