Tuesday, January 29

Hello Tuesdy

We are having some of the weirdest weather here in WI.  Today the high is 56 degrees with thunderstorms and tomorrow the high is 31 with a snow storm and then a high of 12 the rest of the week.  Sigh.  Such craziness this year.  Now if only I could work from home tomorrow ;-)

I'm not sure if it's the extreme weather shifts, but I've been battling one of the worst migraines I've had in a long time.  Now, I get migraines all the time, that's nothing new, but a migraine that last multiple days and has me sitting in the dark at work (that's what I did yesterday), that's not normal.  Luckily it seems to have broke last night.  I still have a slight headache, but nothing like the last couple days.  So that means I can get back to some beady goodness.

Like my newest beaded painting.   

I'm pretty excited about this one because it's the start to my new line of beaded paintings.  I don't want to share too much right now, but it's gonna be awesome.

I've also finished up a re-string for a customer.

She contacted me to see if I could re-string a bracelet for her.  This is not one of my bracelets, but it was a neat little project.  It gave me some ideas for some of my guitar string bracelets.  I hope she is pleased with my re-string.

And in crochet news, I've been busy.  I started a blanket that I plan on working on with left over thread.  It will probably take a long time to finish, but it will be a fun colorful one when it's done.

I also have made a few of these travel cup cozies.

This one is actually an arm warmer that I stuck on my tea cup.  It worked great so I decided to try and make one specifically for a travel mug.

Now my travel mug has a little sweater for the colder weather.  I really does keep my tea much warmer.  It was pretty easy little project that I was able to (almost) complete on the bus.  Yay for little projects.

I've been throwing around the idea of listing some of my crochet items in my etsy store.  I have a few crochet baskets and plenty of dish scrubbies, so you keep an eye out for some new etsy listing.

What is everyone else up to this week?  Are you experiencing crazy weather or are things as expected in your neck of the woods?

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Anonymous said...

My goodness you've been busy!

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