Wednesday, March 6

More Skulls

So I seem to be on a beaded skull kick.  I've made a large beaded skull

A large sugar skull

And now I've made a little skull.  And look at how cute it is.  I know it's a skull, but it's so cute and pretty, I love it.  

I like making in the large beaded paintings, but I also want to make smaller ones (with lower prices) so that everyone can enjoy them.  And the skulls translate very well to smaller paintings.  

I found this great grey linen fabric in the remnant bin, which made me a happy girl.  I mean who doesn't like getting things for half off.  I love how it looks behind the beads and I think it will work very well for a number of projects.  

And sticking to this theme, I'm currently working on a small sugar skull, which I should have finished by the weekend.  It's cute and colorful.  We have also decided that we need a beaded painting in our living room, so I'm going to make a little beaded owl.  How cute is that going to be?  You'll have to check back soon to see all these great creations.  

I hope everyone survived the snow storm (if you were or are currently being affected).  We got another foot of snow here.  Humph, is it ever going to be spring?  I sure hope so.  I could use some nicer weather.  

Take care and stay creative.  

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Ann said...

wow, these are very creative. I've never seen such fancy skulls before.
Thanks for stopping by my blog today

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