Wednesday, June 12


I don't have any beady goodness for you today, I'm working on photos of my new stuff, including my silk ribbons.  But I do have some pictures of some of the flowers around my house.  I love flowers, I plant a whole bunch every year.  Who doesn't love color?

The front of the house never gets any sun, so I have to make sure to plant shade friendly flowers.  I have a bleeding heart bush in the front.  I also have some fuschias, which I love.

These little guys were already here when we moved in.  I'm not sure what they are, but they are everywhere.  I'm hoping to move these bulbs when we build the deck (since it will be going right over the planter).

Here is a pretty orange rose Yoda got me for mother's day.  Okay, so the little pug actually tried to eat it, but it's the thought that counts, right? ;-)

And here are some pretty violets that are growing in a pot by the garage.  They are doing great this year, so much so, that I had to replant some of them.

If you've stopped by my other blog, you know that I've had to take a cut in hours at work due to funding drying up.  We're hoping that it's a temporary thing and that we'll have more funding by the fall, but for the summer I will be only working two days a week.  I'm hoping that will give me more time to work on my etsy store and art shows.  This might just be what I needed to get my butt in gear and focus on my art.  I guess we'll see.

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