Friday, September 20

Friday Freebie

Well this week was a long one.  I'm back on 40 hour weeks at work for the next few months and this was my first full week back.  It was a little rough.  But I got through it and still got plenty of beady things done as well as things around the house (we're almost done with the deck).  And of course I celebrated a full time paycheck by buying my self a pair of new shoes and a wallet.  Because how else would you celebrate?  

Though I'm happy to have that full time paycheck again, my ultimate goal is making Three Fates my main source of income.  So I'll continue to work on beady goodness and work on getting my name out there.  

But that's enough about all of that, let's get to the freebie.  This week I have bracket books for you.  

This download includes nine page elements and two quick page.  And the best part is when you use your My Memories software, you can fully customize these guys.

And don't forget, you can use my promo code, STMMMS11215, to get $10 off the My Memories Software and then an additional $10 off any purchase in the store. That's a pretty cool deal. The My Memories folks have some really great scrapbooking things. And even if you don't scrapbook, the software and extras are really awesome. I don't scrapbook, but I love the software to make interesting blog post pictures. I even used it to make some labels for my homemade granola bars, so J wouldn't have to guess flavors anymore. Just use STMMMS11215 to get the discounts.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.  See you next week! 

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