Tuesday, September 30

Solar System Project Update

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So the last time I update all you blog readers about my solar system project, I was about here.

I had just finished working on Jupiter and was ready to start Saturn.  Well actually I was ready to go on a much needed holiday, but as soon as we got back, I was ready to start on Saturn.

So since then I have finished the beadwork on Saturn.  It looks weird without the rings, but the rings will be started soon.  I just need to go pick up some supplies.  I'm pretty happy with how Saturn turned out so far and I think it will look very neat once the rings are added.

And since the last update, I have actually finished up Neptune as well.  I love how the bright blues look.  Exciting.

And I know, I skipped a planet.  I skipped Uranus.  I accidentally cut out Neptune because I wasn't paying attention and I was so excited that I was so close to having all the planets done.  But I just decided to go with it and finish up Neptune and come back to Uranus.  So after the couple custom orders on my plate are finished, I will be finishing up the last planet.  That means I can get them all on the canvas.  I can't wait to see this put all together.  This is the largest project I have ever worked on.  It has been so much fun to work on.

And once this project is finished, I have about a hundred projects I want to start.  Isn't that how it always goes.  Maybe I'll find the time to actually start some of them.  ;-)

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