Tuesday, October 14

Weekend Wrap Up

So I'm going to confess something to everyone.  I didn't get a whole lotta beadwork done this past weekend.  I meant to, I really did, but I just didn't have that much time for it.  And why you ask?

Because this is what we did this past weekend.

We stained our deck.  Our massive, ridiculously large, huge, well you get the point, deck.  We thought it would only take us a couple hours with the two of us.  Oh how we were wrong.  It took us half a day with four people working.

I think we underestimated how large this bad boy is.  Our neighbor calls it the air craft carrier of decks.  It's that large.  But, we didn't really have a choice, it was this large or about 1/5 the size.  We opted for the larger size.

So now the top is all stained before the Wisconsin winter hits and next spring we'll be staining the stairs.  And for those who have never built a deck, you have to wait a year before staining.  Since the stairs were just built this year, next spring is the soonest we will be able to stain.

But I'm very happy with how it turned out.  We were hoping for a little bit more of a brown stain, but the red tint goes very well with the new paint job on the house.

Oh, I started painting the garage, which is the last thing that needs to be finished before winter rolls around.  I'm an expert painter, I've painted almost all the rooms in the house and the majority of the outside of the house.  Maybe I should start my own painting business.  My motto will be "Just one girl and a brush".  Hmmmm, I think I'll stick with beading.


Grace said...

From the photo it looks like cedar - which is a nice warm color.

Victoria T said...

Thank you Grace. It does have a very nice cedar look to it. I think it looks quite nice. :-)

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