Tuesday, November 11

Off the Clock Employee Art Show - Ebling Library

From now until January 9th, I will have three pieces of art on display at the Ebling Library on the UW Madison.  They are part of an art show called "Off the Clock" which features a bunch of work by health sciences employees.  Last Thursday was the opening reception.   No one from my work was able to attend, so J left work early to accompany me.

We got there kind of late and they were starting to pack up, but we still scored some food and got to talk to some awesome people.  All the people I talked to (or overheard) seemed to be really impressed with my beadwork.

There were a lot of really cool work.  It just goes to show you that you can work in a science based job and still be artistic and creative.  I absolutely hate the idea that if you like science, you can't be an artist.  I've been told it all my life by numerous people, but this art show demonstrates how incorrect that way of thinking is.  Don't ever let someone tell you you can't be both.

 I'll get down from my box.  They had a photographer taking the artists pictures next to their art work.  Here's me next to my bead embroidered heart.

So even though we showed up late, we still had a nice time walking around and seeing all the art work.  And it was pretty neat that my work was part of it.  If you live in Madison or if you're on the UW campus, you should stop by the Ebling Library in the medical school.  All the arts on the third floor of the library and it is totally worth it.

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