Thursday, February 19

A Very Late Weekend Wrap Up

So I completely missed my Weekend Wrap up this Monday.  I knew I had to do it, but I was exhausted.  Between having to be in the lab at 7:00 all weekend and then going to Chicago, I needed a little break on Monday.  So I'll do one now, even though the week is now almost over and a new weekend is about to start.  Oh well. 

We decided (last minute) to go to the Chicago Auto Show last Sunday.  We haven't been since J started school.  But now he's all graduated and we can start going again.

It was a nice little trip.  Just to the two of us.  We made good time down there and got to the McCormick Place around 2:00.  Plenty of time to enjoy the show and get out of there at a reasonable time.  But then we sat in traffic for what seemed like a lifetime.  We didn't park until after 3:30.  And parking was the same as admission into the show.  But we didn't let that bother us, we still wanted to enjoy the show.

We saw a lot of really beautiful cars.  Even if you're not a car person, you still have to admire the beauty and artistic value of these cars.

We were excited to see the Acura NSX, but were a little disappointed in the fact that it was not a finished car (this thing is supposed to be in production soon and there is no interior, what's up with that?).  It still was beautiful.

The Ford Gt was by far our favorite car there.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  I think I took a hundred pictures just of this car.  Okay, maybe not a hundred, but I bet around 50.

We also went to the car show to look at a few cars we are interested in buying.  You know, normal people cars.  My car is starting to get up there in age and we are thinking about replacing it with something J can commute with and save gas.  We were able to narrow down it down to the Chevy Volt and the Toyota Prius.  Both were nice cars and both had what we're looking for.  Now we just need to look for some used ones (we barely ever buy new).

So overall the show was fun.  We got to look at crazy concept cars and everyday cars that we might actually buy.  And of course we stopped for some pizza on the way home.  The number one thing I miss, Chicago style pizza.  Sorry Madison, you have amazing food, but nothing compares to my favorite pizza.

Other then that the weekend was quite boring.  I had to work every morning.  We did go out for sushi on Friday (our Valentine's date).  We had dinner at Red Sushi, which was amazing.  But no crazy parties, no friends over, not even any beadwork.  Pretty laid back.

The rest of the week has been pretty laid back as well.  I had a doctor's appointment; I'm healthy.  I finished up some custom orders, photos soon.  I worked in the lab.  And I worked a bit on my bead embroidered tin.  I know, I live the high life.  I am crazy!!!  Ha!

So what has everyone else been up to?  Any fun and exciting news you would like to share?  I'd love to hear it.  

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