Monday, February 9

Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, Monday.  Is it really Monday already?  This week (and many to come) is going to be a crazy one.  I'm starting a new project this week.  One that is seven days straight (that means data needs to be collected for seven days straight) and one of those seven days is 16 hours long.  Blah, the life of a biology researcher.  I don't mind too much, okay maybe I'll mind when I'm in the lab at 1 o'clock in the morning and then back in the lab at 7 o'clock.  That's how research works.  I'm just hoping it doesn't make me so exhausted that I don't get any beady things done.  That would make me sad.

But enough about what's coming up this week, what did I do this weekend?

Well on Friday we went out for dinner and drinks for a friends birthday.  It was nice.  We went to The Old Fashioned, which is a local place that has awesome food.

I got an old fashioned (of course), cheese curds (some of the best in the state), and a house burger which consists of burger with a fried egg, fried onions, garlic sauce, cheese, and bacon.  It's not for the girl that's on a diet.  But I did get a side salad and I only ate half the burger.  Hey we all have to go crazy sometimes.

Then the rest of the weekend was spent working on my studio.  Well, some of the weekend was spent laying on a heating pad because I totally over did my workout on Friday.  But most of it was working on the studio (and doing my taxes because I like to get those babies done as soon as I can).

It's going good.  I have gone through a lot of stuff, most of which I will be getting rid of at the spring garage sale.  I organized all my fabric and leather.  I put up some shelves.  And I made this huge mess in the middle of my new studio.  I'm really hoping that by next weekend I'll have some of this picked up and put away.  I'm just waiting on the installation of the counter-tops.  Once those are in, I'll be able to put up more shelves and start putting things away.  Fingers crossed this all happens by next weekend.  

So that's all that happened here this weekend.  Well, I did get a little bit of time in a bead, but you'll have to wait on photos.  What did everyone else do this past weekend?  Parties?  Arty goodness?  Chilled out?  I'd love to hear about it . 

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