Monday, May 4

Weekend Wrap Up

It's Monday! My birthday weekend (and week) just flew by. It was fun to hang out with friends, eat good food, enjoy some drinks, and have a fire. It was absolutely perfect weather for all of these things. Thank you to all of my awesome friends who helped me celebrate sometime this week. You
guys are amazing.

I got this amazing gift from J. It's a new DSLR to replace my 10 year old DSLR. I'm in love with this new one. It's quite a step up from my Canon Rebel XT (I think I might have mentioned this before, oh well). It's quite a bit larger and it has so many crazy functions. I can control it from my damn phone. FROM MY PHONE. Technology, it's crazy. I love it and I'm one lucky girl to have gotten such a great gift from my love.

I've been taking a lot of photos trying to get use to all the new functions and options. I'm in love, I really am. I've been mostly using the animals as my models, because I don't have much else. I will be able to take some pretty flower photos soon, but there is really not much blooming in the yard.

But a new camera also means new product photos. I've already started working on new photos and I can't wait to get a few new things listed. Hopefully I'll have some time this week to get new items up on Etsy. I think I can accomplish that.

After all the birthday celebrations (and our anniversary - 11 years), we did do some work around the house. I got the garden all ready to go. We installed new carpet on the porch, yay. J cleaned up the garage. See it wasn't just all fun and games around here ;-)

So what did everyone else do this past weekend? Did you fill the weekend with creative things or did you get out and enjoy the weather? I'd love to hear what everyone else did.

May the 4th be with you my friends.

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